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petrini1 [userpic]

Saturday Photo Hunt: SALE

November 11th, 2013 (07:11 pm)

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I've gotten out of the habit of posting a photo each week for the Saturday Photo Hunt meme. But I just noticed that this weekend's theme is SALE, and a photo in my archives sprang to mind.

It was my first morning in Rome, and I had to see the Campo de' Fiori. In English, it is often called the Flower Market, but Campo de' Fiori actually translates to "Field of Flowers." The name dates back to Medieval times, when the area was unpaved and really was a meadow. In 1456, the square was paved. Since 1869, this square, south of Piazza Navona, has been a thriving daily marketplace not only for flowers but for all sorts of fruits and vegetables, handicrafts, jewelry, textiles, seafood, and, yes, pasta.

I loved this vendor's huge array of packaged pastas for SALE, in all shapes and colors.

P1040180 crop 40%

I should probably mention that this was the morning I slipped on some fallen pineapple chunks near the fruit vendors' section and banged up my knee pretty badly on those 500+ year-old paving stones. Four fruit sellers -- all of them young, attractive men, came running over to help me to a chair and make sure I was all right. I stayed for a while, nursing my knee and still managing to enjoy the colorful marketplace. I had already completed my shopping (and taken pictures). Then, instead of walking back to the hotel to plan my next adventure, I limped off to find a cab.

I did buy some pasta. And despite the knee injury, which continued to plague me throughout my stay, I loved Rome.