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petrini1 [userpic]

World-Famous Krupicka Family Halloween Party, 2013 Edition

October 29th, 2013 (12:50 am)

As usual, the World-Famous Krupicka Family Halloween Party was Del Ray's best party of the year. Skeletons were especially popular this time, particularly those with a Day of the Dead vibe. Speaking of skeletons, Rob and Lisa really outdid themselves with the food, decorations, and other preparations this year. And that's saying a lot.

It wasn't all skeletons. Other colorful, scary, or imaginative costumes abounded. I never made the time to have my fortune told. I guess I was too busy eating baked potatoes and drinking sangria. The kids had a blast bouncing in the moon bounce and toasting the world's biggest marshmallows for s'mores. Even the weather was perfect -- a relief, after last year's hurricane.

Here is a selection of photos with some highlights.

P1180718 crop 50%
Doctor Who (left) time-traveled to the 19th century to bring Laura Ingalls Petrini and a western lawman to the celebration. (This shot was not actually taken at the Krupicka house, but was snapped just after we stepped out of the Tardis before leaving for the party.)

P1180769 crop 50%
A skeleton quartet.

P1180737 50%
Rob presides over the scary food.

P1180735 50%
Splitting headache.

P1180727 crop 50%

P1180731 - Crop 50%

P1180771 crop 50%
The best tattoos.

P1180746 50%

P1180747 crop 50%
Putting on such a great party takes a lot of preparation. Poor Lisa worked herself to the bone.

P1180758 crop 50%

P1180757 50%
Awesome Day of the Dead mask.

P1180751 crop 50%
I probably should have swapped out the black canvas camera bag for something in calico.

P1180752 crop 50%
A bewildered baby peacock.

P1180730 50%

P1180755 crop 50%

P1180733 crop 50%
Too much partying.