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petrini1 [userpic]

Your Brain On Cupcakes

October 29th, 2013 (12:05 am)

I baked BRAIN CUPCAKES this weekend to enter in the Scary Food contest at Sunday's World Famous Krupicka Family Halloween Party. I didn't win, but they were fun to make, nonetheless. I'm posting a photo of them here, as well as a photo of the winning food, which also involved brains. And eyeballs. I never figured out exactly what it was food-wise. Sometimes it's better not to know.

One mom I spoke with suggested that for the average child at the party, the scariest food we could have brought would probably be a large pile of brussels sprouts. I think my son would concur. Brussels sprouts would have been less time-consuming to make, but I did like the way the cupcakes turned out.

Brain Cupcakes:

P1180723 crop

And the Winner of the Scary Food Contest:

P1180739 crop

(Sorry I did not take note of what the first-place entry was called or who made it.)

Stay tuned for more photos from the 2013 edition of the World Famous Krupicka Halloween Party.