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petrini1 [userpic]

Saturday Photo Hunt: COPPER

May 31st, 2013 (09:57 pm)

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Copper, for Photo Hunt
Still catching up on missed weeks of the Saturday Photo Hunt. Now I'm up to the weekend of May 25, when the theme was COPPER.

I couldn't think of anything I had in my photo archives that showed copper, but I do own a copper vase. It was sitting on my table filled with flowers at the time, so I pulled it outside, took a few shots, and then neglected to post them that weekend. Oh well. Here it is now.

The vase was one that a friend let me have when he was cleaning out his father's old apartment. He didn't care for it, but I loved this vase, which my friend thought was from the Middle East, possibly Iran.

I love the character of this vase, especially the way you can see different colors in the copper. In part, that's probably because the copper is somewhat unevenly textured and, no doubt, rife with impurities. But you can also see reflections of the flowers and the pattern on the tablecloth, and reflections from other spots of color that were in the surrounding area while I was taking the photo.

Next week's theme: QUAGGY.