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petrini1 [userpic]

Catch the FLEA!

May 3rd, 2013 (11:17 pm)

big-flea-logoSaturday is THE BIG FLEA!

The gym at Mount Vernon Community School/Mount Vernon Rec Center is filled to bursting with bakeware, bicycles, Candyland games, jogging strollers, flat-screen TVs, dining room tables, Elmo DVDs, Barbie Dream Houses, crystal stemware, leather ottomans, child safety seats, an old Victrola (works great!), classic rock CDs, a Chairman Mao wristwatch, bookcases, computers, Mr Potato Heads, jewelry, teapots, and a Christmas tree. And thousands of other items, including several gizmos that nobody has yet been able to identify.

But it won't last.

Saturday is BIG FLEA day! That morning, the doors open at 7 a.m. for anyone who wants to pay the early-bird admission fee of $10 for the first hour. At 8 a.m., everyone is welcome to storm the gates, with no admission charge. Then we will sell sell SELL, all to raise money for the MVCS PTA!

Here's the schedule of the day:

  • 7-8 a.m. Admission charge of $10.

  • 8 a.m. Free admission for the rest of the FLEA.

  • 10:30 a.m. We usher everyone out so we can straighten up and you can watch the raffle drawing and learn who wins a Toyota Avalon!

  • After the drawing, we open the doors again. Now, almost everything is HALF PRICE!

  • 12 noon Customers step outside again so we can prepare for the free for all--

  • Grand re-opening. NOW, EVERYTHING IS FREE! Until there's nothing left. But that won't take long.

The BIG FLEA is crazy. The BIG FLEA is fun. The BIG FLEA is, well, kind of messy. But most all, the BIG FLEA is an awesome place to find great stuff, and it's all PRICED TO SELL!

Please don't try to haggle. We do the half-price thing, and then the free thing, so that we won't have to worry about haggling. Besides, you wouldn't want to shortchange the kids, would you?

Yes, all BIG FLEA funds go directly to programs to benefit the kids. When you buy that oak dresser or Chairman Mao wristwatch, your dollars help pay for so many valuable programs and activities. Think how good you'll feel, knowing you helped finance:

  • a 1st grader's first trip to the National Gallery of Art,

  • a Grand Master to teach the Tae Kwon Do Club,

  • an assembly that brought in four kids' novelists to excite students about reading and writing,

  • a classroom rug for kindergarten storytime,

  • an arts contest that gives kids the materials, support, and confidence to explore their own creativity.

  • electronic whiteboards to enhance classroom learning,

  • books for the school library,

  • an evening program to introduce children to the excitement of science and engineering,

caboose art - small
AND SO MUCH MORE! Mount Vernon's PTA is one of the most active you'll find anywhere, and everything we do is for the kids!

So, please, please PLEASE come to the Big Flea on Saturday. When you do, you'll get extra special bonus activities, including a baked sale and a small arts and crafts fair. And Duncan Library, adjacent to the school, is holding the Grand Finale day of its biggest BOOK SALE of the year!

Last's year's BIG FLEA brought in a little over $25,000. That's our goal for this year; but personally, I think we're going to do a lot more than that. There's just SO MUCH STUFF! Come and see for yourself. Enter through the Mount Vernon Rec Center at 2701 Commonwealth Ave., in the beautiful, eclectic Alexandria neighborhood of Del Ray.