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Saturday Photo Hunt: ZOOM

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This week's Saturday Photo Hunt has a moving theme: ZOOM! This one could have taken me in several different directions. I use my zoom lens a lot; I could have shown a closeup of an alligator or raven or other animal I certainly wouldn't be able to photograph from anywhere closer than my zoom lens could get me. I could have used an action shot, maybe one showing the subject blurred by motion.

But I remembered this photo that's all about flight. It's possible that I've used this for a different Photo Hunt theme. In fact, I thought I had. But I pored back over my archives and couldn't find any evidence, so maybe I'm mistaken. Or maybe I posted it but forgot to add any tags to the entry. Either way, it's getting spotlighted this week.

toFly1 40%

This was taken at in front of the Udvar-Hazy Center of the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum. Despite its dull-sounding name, Udvar-Hazy is a very cool place, an enormous airplane hangar near Dulles Airport that serves as an off-site annex to the better known Air & Space Museum on the National Mall, 26 miles east. This place is so big that it houses a Space Shuttle, a full-size Concorde jet, and many other aircraft and spacecraft of all sizes, a lot more than the original museum on the Mall could hold.

Out in front of Udvar-Hazy is this soaring steel sculpture, "Ascent," by John Safer, rising 70 feet into the sky. As you gaze up at it, you'll often see airplanes ZOOM by in the sky behind it as they ascend out of nearby Dulles Airport. I hung out for a very long time one day, taking photo after photo as planes took off, trying to capture one at exactly the right point to be framed by the sculpture.

Next week's theme: UNDER.


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Posted at: April 27th, 2013 03:48 pm (UTC)

Happy Hunting~

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