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petrini1 [userpic]

Words Escape Me

April 2nd, 2013 (07:33 pm)

current mood: crushed

I finished writing Chapter 10 of my science fiction novel today and got a good start on Chapter 11. It was the second day of Camp NaNoWriMo, the more relaxed, April-based version of the original November National Novel Writing Month's intensity, and my goal was to write 1,500 words today. So I was excited to see that my total for the day was up to more than 1,700 words. The prose wasn't perfect. I knew it was rough in places, but that's what first drafts are for. I had broken through some major plotting blocks, created some dialogue that felt right in my characters' mouths, and was feeling good about it.

Until the moment I accidentally erased Chapter 10.

Don't tell me to back up my files. I did back up my files, both on the laptop I was using and to an offsite "cloud" backup service. But when I rooted out the most recent backup files, I realized I'd been on a major roll since they were saved, and my most recent work had not yet been backed up. So I've lost several hundred words of hard-earned prose, and I'm totally bummed out about it.

I should dive back in tonight, while it's still relatively fresh in my mind, and try to reconstruct. But right now, I'm too demoralized to face it, not even to figure out exactly how much of my 1,700 words remains. Maybe later.