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petrini1 [userpic]

Saturday Photo Hunt: WIND

March 30th, 2013 (11:31 pm)

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The week has just flown by. You might even say it's gone with the WIND. And that is the theme of this Saturday Photo Hunt: WIND. I could have gone in either of two directions with this one:

  • WIND, as in a noun that rhymes with finned and means a current of air, or

  • WIND, as in a verb that rhymes with find and means to move in a circular or spiral course.

I couldn't make up my mind (or is that "minned"?) so I decided to go with both. In fact, I'm posting three photos. The first two show the effects of the first kind of WIND. Here is a cherry blossom in a previous March, trying its best to blow right out of the picture. I like the nontraditional composition here, though I can't take credit: it was the wind that chose the placement of the flower.
IMG_6769 Wind2 40%

Now for something more dramatic. An August storm had brought rain, lightning, and strong gusts of WIND. When we walked around the neighborhood to survey the damage, we saw this tree, uprooted and tossed aside. My son, at the time a tall 8-year-old, marvels at the destruction and should give you some idea of the size of that root ball.

P1020920 Wind1 40%

Next, the WIND blows in a different direction. In fact, this kind of wind doesn't blow at all; it's the kind that rhymes with find (or kind) and is the present tense of WOUND. I took this photo on a replica of the Godspeed, one of the three ships that brought the first permanent English settlers to the Americas, at Jamestown, Virginia. Actually, this shot wasn't taken at Jamestown. A few days before I chaperoned my son's school field trip to Jamestown (where we would tour the boat again, but in its usual habitat) the Godspeed was visiting here in Old Town Alexandria, for the benefit of all those Alexandrians who were not fourth-graders about to embark on a Virginia history tour. On 17th-century ships, sailors had to WIND a lot of ropes.

P1110399 Wind3 40%