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petrini1 [userpic]

Saturday Photo Hunt: CELEBRATE

January 18th, 2013 (02:44 pm)

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Last weekend's theme for the Saturday Photo Hunt was CELEBRATE. My son was sick - sick enough to require a trip to the emergency room - so I wasn't much up for posting photos (or for celebrating). But he's fine now and was back at school yesterday, so finally I'm catching up. I thought I should post last week's photograph before this week's, so here it is.

We arrived in Siena, Italy, just in time for a celebration of one of the local contrada (neighborhood) groups that enters a horse in the Palio, a race in the city's center plaza, the Piazzo del Campo. The first of the summer's two races was still weeks away, but the frenzy leading up to it had already begun.

The Palio, which has been going on for nearly two thousand years, is wildly popular. Residents are passionate about their contrada and hold celebrations, kind of like pep rallies, for weeks before the event. This parade was for the Dragon Contrada, and we were instantly caught up in the excitement of swirling flags and costumed marchers. In fact, I was nearly hit by one of these pink and green dragon flags.