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petrini1 [userpic]

Merry Christmas!

December 25th, 2012 (09:25 pm)

P1090317 40% croppedWe had a quiet Christmas, with just the three of us. Unfortunately my mother couldn't be here this year; she was visiting my sister Maria in New Hampshire. I'm glad she's having fun with Maria and her family, but we really missed having her here.

Santa and our friends and relatives were good to us. My son received several Lego sets, including his new pride and joy, a 1000+ piece Battle of Helm's Deep set. His dad gave him a new soccer ball. And he and I together bought Bob a set of soccer goals -- rather a self-serving gift, on Jon Morgan's part, though he insisted it was really what Daddy would want. They set them up and spent some of the day playing soccer in the yard with all the neighborhood kids, who started showing up as soon as the goals were erected.

I received chocolate, books, and the first season of Dr. Who on DVD. What more could anyone want?

Here's Jon Morgan (dressed in his Christmas Elf pajamas) with his beloved Helm's Deep Lego set. And yes, that IS President Barack Obama in the corner. Did I not mention that he was visiting for the holiday?