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petrini1 [userpic]

Looking Back to 2008 and Obama's First Election Win

November 7th, 2012 (08:19 am)

IMG_5557 - CopyFour years ago, just after President Obama's first election victory, I took the first photo. This is my son at age six, with one of our yard signs. A little later he entered a contest for Kids' Letters to President Obama and was one of the winners, for a letter in which he offered to teach the leader of the free world how to bowl.

Kids Letters to Pres. ObamaThe winning letters were printed in a book, Kids' Letters to President Obama, by Bill Adler and Bill Adler Jr. (He's on page 34.) It was my son's first national publication!

He is still a big fan of the President, so he was thrilled to wake up this morning to discover that his favorite had won re-election.

Partly, he was thrilled because of a promise I'd made him. Every Wednesday we stop at Caboose Cafe & Bakery, across the street from his school, for his pre-piano-lesson snack. I told him if President Obama won this week, Wednesday's snack could be the more decadent chocolate ganache he loves, instead of his typical (and less expensive) chocolate chip muffin. But he isn't only about the chocolate. He really is excited about the President, and about our Democratic victories in every other race here.

Unfortunately, the President never got back to him about the bowling.