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petrini1 [userpic]

Month of Letters: February 7 & 8

February 8th, 2012 (08:44 pm)

I didn't have time to blog yesterday, with all the excitement about my 13-year-old nephew Tony meeting President Obama at the White House science fair. I'll post something about that later, if I can find a link to some of the footage that was on the news. But I did manage to send mail both yesterday and today.

Tuesday, Feb. 7
I mailed three postcards, all for Postcrossing. They went to these places:
* Germany
* the Netherlands
* Denver, Colorado

Wednesday, Feb. 8
Today I sent four pieces of mail:
* a letter to Turkey
* a Postcrossing postcard to Jalisco, Mexico
* a Postcrossing postcard to Ontario, Canada
* a Postcrossing postcard to Odesa, Ukraine

I'm psyched to see the new Month of Letters thread with addresses to send to and eager to write to a new friend!