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petrini1 [userpic]

Month of Letters: Day Three

February 3rd, 2012 (12:58 am)

Or don't you like to write letters.
I do because it's such a swell way
to keep from working and yet feel
you've done something.

~Ernest Hemingway

It's the third day of the Month of Letters challenge and I've already sent a stack of mail today. After the recent postage rate increase, I ordered stamps in the new denominations, but they haven't arrived yet. So this morning I struggled to cram seven varied stamps onto one postcard to make up the new required amount ($1.05) for international mail. Finally, I got fed up with such contortions and stopped in at the Post Office to buy a few of the new stamps to tide me over until my order arrives.

As it turns out, the P.O. doesn't have the new $1.05 stamps yet. Why not? The Post Office knew months ago that it was raising rates. I could live with the increase in stamp prices, but to require more postage but not have the necessary stamps available is just lousy planning. The postage increase should have been delayed until the new stamps were available. No wonder the USPS is going bankrupt. I had to settle for buying $1.00 stamps and some more of the $0.05 stamps.

Despite my stamp issues, I managed to send a lot of mail this morning, all of it official Postcrossing cards or at least Postcrossing-related:

* Four cards to "famalubel" in Spain, all U.S. state map cards (she collects them) to thank her for the Madrid cards she sent me for displaying at the next MVCS International Night. Spain is one of the three featured countries. The map cards I sent her were for Virginia, Tennessee, Louisiana, and Iowa. I stuck them all together in one envelope, but I wrote each card separately, so I'm tempted to call it four.

* A postcard to California to thank "essosb" for the card she sent me of Istanbul, Turkey, which is also to be used for International Night. (The third featured country is Korea; I haven't received any cards from there yet.) The card I sent to essosb in return is a recipe for New Orleans pecan pie.

* An official Postcrossing postcard (#US-1521370) to "anile15" in Lithuania, showing a still from a Pixar short film about chess called Geri's Game. I'd been holding this card for some time, waiting for an address for a Postcrosser in search of chess-related cards and was happy to see on anile's profile that she wants them.

* An official Postcrossing postcard (#US-1520605) to "Monika28" in Poland. The card shows one of the lovely old mansions outside of New Orleans, the beautiful, italianate San Francisco Plantation house.

* A postcard of the MVCS caboose sent to "congo" in Germany, in thanks for an official Postcrossing card she sent me this week (#DE-1215935).

* An official Postcrossing card (#US-1523395) to Sue0 in Taiwan, showing a photograph of Dewey the Library Cat reclining across a book cart. 

* Official card #US-1523394 to "risto" in Finland, with a striking photo of the U.S. Capitol framed on one side by the apricot-colored wall of the National Museum of the American Indian Museum in the foreground.

* Postcrossing card #US-1523538 to "hmassese" in Australia, who likes animal cards. This one shows a photo of a pheasant in Iowa.

That makes eight pieces of mail sent so far today, or eleven if you count separately the four cards to Spain. I don't expect to keep up this kind of output all month! I wrote a lot of these late last night, and the rest this morning at Atlantis, where I took Jon Morgan out for breakfast after we dropped off my husband at the airport for his trip to Wisconsin and Michigan.

In addition, I hope to send more correspondence this month that goes a little deeper than a postcard, preferably to people I actually know.