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petrini1 [userpic]

Buy a Book; Help a School!

December 11th, 2010 (04:52 pm)

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Today was Mount Vernon Community School's Barnes & Noble Book Fair fundraiser, to raise money for my son's elementary school. I hung the student art show (my PTA Reflections contest award winners) and just helped out wherever needed, as well as constantly reminding people to mention the school when checking out, so that the bookstore would donate a percentage to the school. We had the principal reading picture books to kids, first-graders reading aloud their own original stories, the school chorus singing, and our amazing librarian singing songs and telling holiday stories. 

The artwork has been taken down, the performances are finished, and most of us have gone home now. But the fun isn't over! Neither is the opportunity to help. Starting tomorrow, Sunday, Dec. 12, and continuing until Thursday, Dec. 16, you can help support the school by shopping at Barnes & Noble online. Enter the site through BN.com/bookfairs and enter Book Fair ID 10309300 at checkout. This doesn't cost you a thing -- except what you're already paying for your purchase. B&N will donate a percentage of that sale to the school.

Mount Vernon Community School is a public elementary school in Alexandria, Virginia. It's a Title I school, which means that we have a high percentage of needy families, so there's never enough money for our incredible, dedicated teachers to do everything they'd like to do for the kids.


Book Fair ID #10309300

You don't have to be the parent of a child at the school; anyone can use this code. Tell your family and friends!