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June 26 Writer Birthdays

June 26 Writer Birthdays

1881 - Ya'akov Cohen (Hebrew: יעקב כהן), Israeli poet, playwright, translator, writer, and Hebrew linguist.
1892 - Pearl S. Buck, Nobel and Pulitzer-Prize winning novelist, nonfiction author, children's writer, and cookbook author; she was an activist for civil rights for women and minorities; raised in China by American missionary parents, she also used her Chinese name, Sai Zhenzhju ( 賽珍珠).
1905 - Lynd Ward, Caldecott Medal-winning American artist and storyteller known for his woodcut engravings.
1914 - Laurie Lee, English poet, novelist, screenwriter, and autobiographer.
1915 - Charlotte Zolotow, American author of children's books, editor, and poet; she was the mother of author Crescent Dragonwagon and of poker champion Steve Zolotow.
1916 - Virginia Satir, American author and psychotherapist, know for her work in family therapy.
1922 - Walter Farley, American author known for his Black Stallion series.
1931 - Colin Wilson, prolific English novelist and philosopher who also wrote widely on true crime, mysticism, and the paranormal.
1936 - Edith Pearlman, American short story writer who was a National Book Award finalist.
1936 - Nancy Willard, Newbery Medal-winning American children's author, poet, novelist, and illustrator.
1941 - Yves Beauchemin, Quebec novelist, essayist, and editor.
1943 - Warren Farrell, American educator, activist, and author of books on issues of how men and women relate to each other; an important figure in the modern men's movement.
1977 - Tite Kubo (real name Noriaki Kubo), Japanese manga artist.

Buck - the Good EarthZolotow - The Seashore BookFarley - The Black Stallion

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