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petrini1 [userpic]


November 7th, 2012 (12:56 am)

current mood: jubilant

The results are in, and we did it! I was afraid even to hope the outcome of today's election would be as fantastic as it is!

Barack Obama has been re-elected President of the United States. Thank you, Ohio! We don't know if he's taken Virginia; the results are still being tallied here. But I am proud to say that in my own City of Alexandria, the President won with more than 71% of the votes, at the most recent count. (UPDATE: President Obama has taken Virginia! This night just keeps getting better.)

i voted for demsI am not surprised that former Virginia Governor Tim Kaine will be our newest Senator from Virginia. I've been expecting that. He was a popular governor. And the Republicans' claims trying to paint him as anti-education were just laughable, especially considering the source. But while I am not surprised, I am thrilled. I can't imagine any other candidate who would have been a better choice.

Jim Moran easily held onto his Congressional seat, with more than 63% of the vote. A desperate attempt to discredit his campaign by tricking his son into appearing to approve of election tampering failed. Clearly, people realized the whole thing was a set-up, and a lame one, at that. Pat may have been too trusting; he may have been inexperienced. But he's not corrupt. Why would anyone want to tamper with an election that his candidate was already favored to win by a large margin? The voters were not taken in, and our very effective and popular Congressman is returning to the House of Representatives.

My biggest surprise of the evening came in our Alexandria City Council race. I'd been resigned to maintaining our status quo, with our Democratic mayor and a Democratic majority on City Council, but I feared we'd lose one Council seat to the GOP. Instead, the Democratic candidates swept the Council race! Mayor Euille has been re-elected and all six Democratic candidates won! Congratulations to Allison Silberberg, Del Pepper, John Taylor Chapman, Tim Lovain, Justin Wilson, and Paul Smedberg!

For the School Board race here in District A, my top choices all came through! I am excited to see three new faces on the School Board: my friend Karen Graf, Stephanie Kapsis, and Bill Campbell. I was so worried about the way this race seemed to be overshadowed by the bigger, richer races at the national and state issues. But Alexandria voters came through.

In fact, even in District B, where I can't vote, two of my favorite candidates for School Board won: Kelly Carmichael Booz and Justin Keating.

I can't vote in Maryland, either, but I cheered when I heard that Maryland voters supported both the Dream Act and the Gay Marriage ballot initiative. Virginians and Marylanders in the D.C. area like to trade barbs, or sometimes just ignore each other. But sometimes our neighbor to the north and east steps up to the ballot box and sets an example that inspires. Thank you, Maryland, for showing us that idealism, equality, and compassion are not dead.

And thank you, Alexandrians, for surpassing even my high expectations of you, and for proving once again that...



And now, Forward.....